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Lavender Garden Arrangement

Lavender Garden Arrangement


A beautiful blend of our most luxurious roses, ranunculus, poppies and dahlias - the Lavender Garden Arrangement captivates with a soothing mix of muted lavender and cream hues, and has a depth and intrigue to its calming color palette


Each flower is assembled, painted and curled by hand.


Eleven Gardens Luxury Collection


Medium Arrangement (approximate size 13x13”)

19 stems total

1 small Eric Pot

1 styling wire mesh


Large Arrangement (approximate size 18x18”)

29 stems total

1 medium Eric Pot

1 styling wire mesh


Extra Large Arrangement (approximate size 22x22”)

39 stems total

1 large Eric Pot

1 styling wire mesh


All photos show different sides of the same medium size arrangement


Professionally created by hand in the US


Ships fully assembled


Complimentary Shipping


Not seeing what you’re looking for? Email us at and we’ll create a custom arrangement with any of our flowers

About Us
Discover the world's most beautiful 
faux flowers 

Eleven Gardens represent eleven collections of deceptively natural permanent botanicals designed to imitate the look of freshly cut flowers

All Eleven Gardens stems are hand assembled, hand painted and hand curled using only the highest quality materials to ensure the most realistic appearance, feel and texture

- flowers that capture the spirit of nature -