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Does Eleven Gardens have a trade program?

We do not offer trade programs or discount codes. We offer the lowest possible prices on our premium products to everyone, everyday on Having a trade program, sales or promotions would require us to raise our everyday prices - we wouldn’t want to do that just to allow us to offer discounts.

How do I clean my Eleven Gardens flowers?

We recommend using damp paper towels.

Can the stems of Eleven Gardens flowers be cut?

Yes. All of our flowers have a metal wire running through each of the stems to allow for flexibility with styling. We recommend using wire cutters to cut through the metal wire.

Where are you located?

Our office and warehouse are located in Hamilton, New Jersey USA

Where are your flowers made?
All of our flowers are professionally hand made and hand painted in China

Do you plan on offering American made flowers in the future? 
Yes, we’re looking into creating an American made collection of faux flowers in 2025, once we’re ready to expand our assortment and offer an ultra-luxury collection (as made in America faux flowers will be 2-3 times more expensive because of significantly higher production and labor costs)




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